Discover the building blocks below

There are six different areas (or building blocks) of mental wellbeing. Each building block helps you respond to the range of mental tasks you face every day, in a unique and powerful way. To keep your mind in top condition, you’ll need to use each building block regularly.

  • Get healthy

    Be active, eat well and get enough sleep.

  • Keep learning

    Challenge your mind and seek out new things.

  • Show kindness

    Give back, show gratitude and bring joy to others’ lives.

  • Connect more

    Develop relationships, stay connected and care for each other.

  • Take notice

    Be mindful. Stay in the moment. Experience the world around you.

  • Embrace nature

    Step outside, connect with the natural world and take care of the planet.

Wellbeing that works for you

Whether you are 19 or 90, there are mental wellbeing activities for people from all walks of life. See how other Queenslanders are making time for their mind.

Last updated: May 2024