• IMoodJournal

    The ultimate personal journal and mood tracker. IMoodJournal will help you discover the causes of your ups and downs and get surprising insights into yourself.

  • SkySafari

    SkySafari is a planetarium that helps you get out and discover the world around you. It lets you simulate the night sky from any location, at any point in time – including right now, or in weeks or months to come. All you need is your phone and the night sky to be able to locate planets, constellations, satellites, stars and deep sky objects.

  • QuestaGame

    This app takes you outdoors to photograph animals and plants and submit them. Experts identify the flora or fauna in your photograph and award points based on its rarity.

  • Get Running (Couch to 5K)

    An app designed to help you get fit and feel great. Get Running is for absolute beginners and introduces you to the process of running gradually and in a very supportive way. Gradually work your way to running 5km in just 9 weeks.

  • Productive - Habit Tracker

    Productive is a free and easy-to-use tool that helps you build a routine of good habits. Set personal goals, track your progress, and motivate yourself to achieve new heights.

  • Coloring Book for Me

    A mindfulness colouring book on your phone. This app provides pictures of mandalas, floral scenes, animals and patterns for you to colour, allowing you to relax your mind and have fun.

  • Happify

    An app that uses science-based activities and games to help you take control of your emotional wellbeing. Use Happify to help you overcome negative thoughts, stress and life challenges.

  • HeadGear

    HeadGear is a free app that guides you through a 30–day mental fitness challenge designed to build resilience and wellbeing.

  • Smiling Mind

    Your guide to daily mindfulness and meditation. A unique tool to help bring balance to your life. Developed by a team of psychologists and educators.

  • Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

    Headspace is meditation made simple. Learn meditation and mindfulness skills from world-class experts and develop tools to help you focus, breathe, stay calm and create balance in your life.

  • MindGauge

    MindGauge allows you to easily and quickly measure and track your wellbeing. The app uses simple reseach-based quizzes and tools to help you track your mental health, mood and lifestyle to help you to move towards a healthier, happier you.

  • Peak - Brain training

    Peak is a fun, free brain training workout that used games and puzzles to challenge your focus, memory, problem solving and mental agility. Keep track of your workouts and progress to stay motivated and keep improving.

  • Aura

    Aura is a mindfulness app that provides unlimited access to thousands of personalised meditations, life coaching and stories to help manage stress, anxiety, sleep and more. The meditations are only 3 minutes each, making them easier to fit into your day.


  • Mind/Land meditations and soundscapes

    In each episode, Mind/Land invites you to immerse yourself in guided meditations and soundscapes, set in the tranquil landscapes of South East Queensland. Meditation is an incredible tool for mental wellbeing, however it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where guided meditations come in: the icebreaker into the world of mindfulness. For those who prefer to unwind with sounds of nature or ‘white noise’, Mind/Land also offers soundscape episodes.

  • Action for Happiness Australia

    Action for Happiness Australia's mission is to create a happier and more compassionate society by helping individuals and communities take practical action to improve their own wellbeing and make others happier too. Be part of a global movement of people from all walks of life who are taking action in their personal lives, communities, workplaces and schools to help create a happier and more caring society. Action for Happiness apply the growing wealth of scientific evidence of what really works.

  • Head to Health

    Wherever you are on your mental health journey, Head to Health is here to help you find the information, resources, and services that most suit your needs. Whether you want to improve your overall sense of wellbeing, or you need help with something that is concerning you, or you are helping someone you care about—Head to Health can point you to great online mental health resources.

  • Beyond Blue: relaxation exercises

    Learning to relax can take a bit of practice. Beyond Blue have a range free, downloadable MP3 files to help you get started with breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided visualisations. Save them to your phone or computer to use at any time.

  • Wheel of Wellbeing

    The Wheel of Wellbeing program helps communities and individuals build skills and raise awareness about improving mental health and wellbeing. It offers a range of resources and tools to include in our daily lives.

  • Volunteering Queensland

    Find volunteer opportunities near you, that suit your passions and abilities.

  • Headspace: free 10 minute guided meditation

    Relax your mind and body with this free, 10-minute guided meditation for focus and relaxation.


  • This Way Up: Intro to mindfulness course

    This free, online, self-paced course allows practitioners to develop a deeper understanding of the mind, and a more accepting and compassionate relationship to their internal and external experiences. It involves guided exercises, including meditation, to help individuals become aware of automatic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, and learn to respond in more effective ways.


  • Mind/Land by Queensland Health

    Mind/Land, by Queensland Health, explores the profound connection between mental health and the natural world. Be guided on a journey towards mindfulness, relaxation and overall wellbeing with guided meditations and soundscapes, set in tranquil landscapes of Queensland.

  • My Amazing Body - Mental health and wellbeing

    This five-part breakout series podcast explores mental health conditions, how they affect our brains and bodies, and the best ways to look after your mental wellbeing and improve your mental resilience.

  • Meditation Minis

    This podcast is for people looking for quick and simple ways to meditate. Be guided through 10 minutes of relaxing meditations that help calm anxiety, overcome negative thinking and boost confidence.

  • Daily meditation podcast

    A library of meditations at your fingertips. This weekly podcast gives you daily guided meditation techniques to help you manage your emotions, become happier, healthier, more at peace and sleep better.

  • The Mindful Kind

    A podcast series that delves into mindfulness journeys and provides you with simple and effective practices to incorporate into your day.

Wellbeing that works for you

Whether you are 19 or 90, there are mental wellbeing activities for people from all walks of life. See how other Queenslanders are making time for their mind.

Last updated: May 2024